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We know meeting someone for the first time can be intimidating and going to a new church for the first time can be nerve-racking. We want to help make your first experience at Selma a great one!

You might be wondering, what's it really like at Selma? Simply put, at Selma it's all about Jesus. And It's our desire to know, grow, and go.

You won't be met with shame, guilt, or condemnation. And we don't care about your history, how you're dressed, or what candidate you voted for. Our church is made up of imperfect people with every kind of story imaginable. Want to know the best part? No matter what you've been through or what questions you might have about God and faith, our church is a place where you'll find the love, grace, and forgiveness Jesus gives to everyone.

A little more information about us:

Worship Services

When Selma assembles for worship that is exactly what we want to do! You may see people with their hands raised or down, eyes open or closed, but worship at Selma is all about honoring and praising our Savior, Jesus Christ. 


Selma embraces a vibrant style of music. You’ll hear both older and new songs by our choir and individuals that bring glory and honor to God. Song lyrics are projected onto the screens so you can sing along and/or engage with worship however you feel most comfortable.


We also desire to worship God through the proclamation of his Word. We’re careful to preach and teach the Scriptures in a way that is in context of Scripture, faithful to the text, and applicable to our lives. We strive for the growth of disciples so that you are better equipped to carry out the Great Commission.


Prayer is an important feature of our worship as well. Various times throughout our services we will join together in corporate prayer.


Our worship also includes giving financially to support the ministries of the church and the gospel. Of course, guests are not required or expected to give unless you want to. 

Ready to be our guest?

Click here to fill out a form and let us know that you’re coming so you can be our special guest.